ID Can Help Supply Information Consumers Demand

ID Can Help Supply Information Consumers Demand

by: Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D, PAS

Cattle Today

Part 2

In the last issue we began a discussion of factors concerning the Animal Identification programs currently being put in place. As discussed, the program in general has been a response to food safety and disease issues that have arisen here in the U. S. and around the world over the last few years. Much of this stems from a need to be able to track an affected animal back through the marketing channels it went through in an effort to determine where the animal may have contracted a disease or what other animals it may have come in contact with and potentially exposed. Additionally, the animal identification and related electronic and paper trail should make the tracking process fairly rapid thus reducing potential lag time in identifying affected animals. Given the transient nature of the beef industry in the U. S. a program of this nature, if properly administered, should be useful in accomplishing the set goals.


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