Marketing Toolbox Contains many Useful Components

Marketing Toolbox Contains many Useful Components

by: Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Time and time again, we are reminded cattlemen often do just fine at their job. The production arm of the system can thrive in almost any conditions, with the availability of resources that will get the job done. Skilled operators make adjustments to the program to fight drought, winter storms and unforeseen changes in input cost. Even though producers can survive with that same tractor for another year or cull heavily when it’s dry, lack of time or experience can leave dollars on the table when it’s time to market what they worked so hard to produce.

In production agriculture, it is often the marketing department that fails the firm. After all, calving cows, preparing fields for crops or making sure the hay meadow is fertilized and ready to produce maximum yields are a full time job. The marketing model has been created for seedstock producers. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Tailor the marketing program to your strengths and borrow ideas from colleagues in the business. Sure differences exist, but the fundamentals are the same.


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