Love Affair

Love Affair

Marla Keown

The Emporia Gazette

Connie and Joe Mushrush met during their junior years at Kansas State University and were married between semesters their senior year. Connie said she always wanted to be a rancher while growing up on a “regular” farm in north-central Kansas. Her chance came because of Joe’s parents.

“When we got married, Joe and I had a pact,” she said. We would never live in town; we’d only have two kids; and we would never have hogs.”

They broke every part of that pact. While living in Emporia, Joe’s parents let them raise hogs on their land.

“Hogs used to be a real first generator of income,” said Connie.

Jon Mushrush weighs a day-old red angus calf born on the Mushrush Red Angus Cattle ranch located near Elmdale.

During those horrid hog years the Mushrushes raised enough money to purchase their first red Angus bull, in 1981. When their son Casey was 2 years old, the Mushrush’s bought their first feedlot, room for 60 cattle, near Council Grove.


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