Its a matter of “Pride and Prejudice”

Its a matter of “Pride and Prejudice”

Have pride in your calves and avoid discounts at sale time due to prejudice

Dr. Glenn Selk, Extension Cattle Specialist,Oklahoma State University

One experienced sale barn employee put it this way: “Just about the dumbest thing a rancher can do is to bring a horned bull calf to a sale!”  Considerable VALUE can be added to weaned feeder calves by applying some routine management practices while they are still “on the cow”.  Doing these operations while the calf is still young (2 months of age or less) is kinder and gentler to the calf.  Calves that have been castrated and de-horned and healed-up from these operations suggests to the buyers that: “this rancher is proud of the product that he or she markets”.


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