Ohio Beef Newsletter Available

The April 18, issue # 533, of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter is now posted to the web at: http://fairfield.osu.edu/ag/beef/beefApril18.html

By most accounts, it’s been a very difficult winter and early spring. Not only have some of our biennial and perennial forage and grass crops suffered, but some have experienced cow condition and calving issues. Is your bull the same bull he was at the end of last breeding season? This week we discuss the value of breeding soundness, and getting females settled in a timely fashion.

Articles include:
* Calves = Very Valuable; Bulls Deemed “Satisfactory Potential Breeders” = Priceless!
* What’s the Cost of a Missed Breeding Cycle?
* Forage Focus: Spring Pasture Management
* Frost Injury to Alfalfa  Issues and Concerns
* Weekly Roberts Agricultural Commodity Market Report

Stan Smith
Program Assistant, Agriculture
OSU Extension, Fairfield County
831 College Ave., Suite D
Lancaster, OH 43130

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