Are You Prepared To Document Your Animal Welfare?

Are You Prepared To Document Your Animal Welfare?

 By Troy Marshall
Beef Magazine

This week, Burger King announced its plans to eliminate the use of crates among its pork and poultry suppliers. Cynics will say the chain is talking the talk more than walking the walk, as its initial plans are to procure only 2% of its eggs and 10% of its pork from such sources, but Burger King is a very big customer for eggs and pork.

It’s true that Burger King can’t procure enough of such product at the current time, but the chain is among a growing number of food providers responding to consumer demands. It may be activist groups that are driving the animal welfare bus, and their goals may be drastically different from those of cattlemen, but it would be a mistake to not appreciate that the American consumer is the engine of growth for this movement.


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