Vaccinate 30-45 days before breeding

Vaccinate 30-45 days before breeding

 American Cowman

 Protect against reproductive diseases by vaccinating close to breeding season

What’s one of the most common mistakes made with cowherd vaccination programs? It is administering vaccines for protection against reproductive diseases like IBR, BVD, Vibrio and Lepto at the wrong time, according to veterinarians Daniel Scruggs and Dr. Robin Falkner, who work with cow-calf and stocker producers in the Southeast as part of Pfizer Animal Health’s beef cattle veterinary team.

“We often see reproductive vaccinations given to cows at preg-check time, which is four to six months before the next breeding season. For these vaccines to be effective against reproductive diseases like IBR, Vibrio and Lepto it is always best to administer them close to breeding—usually within 30 to 45 days of breeding,” explains Scruggs.


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