Jolley: What’s Going On At R-CALF?

Jolley: What’s Going On At R-CALF?

 Maybe I should call this “Three rounds with Dr. Max Thornsberry.  I contacted the R-CALF offices after reading an article by Steve Kay, editor and publisher of Cattle Buyers Weekly, which suggested that R-CALF was on its last legs.  Shae Dodson, R-CALF’s Communications Coordinator, was shocked at the content and tracked down Thornsberry, their new president, to get answers to several questions I had asked.

 Dr. Max was upset at the allegations, insisting that the group is still healthy and calling into question the accuracy of Kay’s story.  His quick response shows that R-CALF is still the feisty, ready-to-do-battle organization it always has been.


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