Cattle Preconditioning Forum: Manage Lice To Maximize Production

Cattle Preconditioning Forum: Manage Lice To Maximize Production


Each winter, producers battle parasites, such as lice and mange, that can rob their herds of production and profits. These bothersome parasites can make cattle uncomfortable and suppress their appetites.


“Mange and lice are present all year-round and build during the cold weather months,” says Dr. Roger Moon, professor, University of Minnesota, livestock entomology.


Lice are most common on mature cattle in December through March, with peak populations found in March. They are most often found on the neck, back, hips and around the tailhead regions of cattle.(1) There are four species of lice that may affect cattle. They are the chewing lice and three species of sucking lice. Chewing lice cause damage by biting hair and skin, while sucking lice penetrate the skin and suck blood.


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