‘Some cowboy cattle’

‘Some cowboy cattle’


BY Jim Muir

The Southern Illinoisan


SCHELLER – Mel Gajewski believes everybody has, as he phrases it, “a little bit of cowboy in them.”


And it was this belief that prompted Gajewski and his wife Barb to embark seven years ago on a business venture raising longhorn cattle. Since then, they have seen their idea thrive and even lead to another business.



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The couple live on a 120-acre farm in Scheller, a few miles north of Sesser.


“We really wanted to get some cattle to keep the grass down, so to speak,” Mel said. “I think I probably have a little bit more cowboy in me than most people. I guess you could say I’m a cowboy wannabe, so we decided to raise longhorn cattle, some cowboy cattle.”


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