BeefTalk: The Future – Proven Bulls

BeefTalk: The Future – Proven Bulls

By Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist

NDSU Extension Service

There is nothing more relevant or futuristic in the beef business than a good discussion about buying bulls. This involves a process of selection that impacts the foundation of individual beef herds and the essence of the beef industry. As the discussion deepens, the concept of proven bulls has to evolve.

The result of purchasing semen from bulls that have proven themselves as being quality bulls is easily evident within producer herds. A bigger issue — that the beef raised and made available to the consumer must be of the highest quality — is absolutely critical.

Proven bulls, not just bulls, are the key ingredient. Proven bulls ensure that the right pieces are in the mix to allow management to fine-tune the ultimate product, beef. The industry’s reputation and future depend on these bulls.


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