Soybean Residue as a Feed Source for Cattle

Soybean Residue as a Feed Source for Cattle

Southwest Nebraska News

This time of year it isn’t uncommon to see cattle grazing on corn, milo and soybean residue. However, it is unlikely cattle can graze on soybean stubble alone. The low nutrient value of soybean residue is not adequate to sustain even a small herd of cattle.

Soybeans are generally considered to be a high protein plant. However, the majority of this protein is found in the soybean itself. The leftover plant residue contains little protein.

The minimum amount of crude protein needed to support a dry beef cow is 7 to 8 percent. Soybean pods and stems contain only about 4 to 6 percent crude protein. The soybean leaves in residue contain up to 12 percent protein, but only 1/3 of this material is actually digestible by the cow.


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