"Stolen Kansas Cattle Found In Dickson Co."

“Stolen Kansas Cattle Found In Dickson Co.”

WKRN.com, Nashville (TN)

A crime that has been around for hundreds of years proved it is still thriving Tuesday as cattle , stolen from as far away as Kansas, were found in Middle Tennessee.

Tuesday was a typical one at the Dickson County Cattle Auction. Cattle farmers from around Middle Tennessee bring their stock in for the highest bidder. Monday night, however, one man brought some cattle in that seemed out of place.

Agricultural Crime Officer Max Thomas said, “They have received information about some cattle stolen out of Kansas. We got the information from Kansas and checked the animals and these are the ones.”

The officers didn’t have to look very hard to see the animals were the ones they were looking for. Their size made them stand out officers also noticed something on the cattle that is not common in Tennessee, they were branded


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