Effective communication

Effective communication

By Greg Henderson, Drovers Journal

If you make your living operating a ranch or feedyard, your days are filled with an array of tasks that require you to be an expert in many fields. One minute you may be fixing a broken wire in a fence, and the next minute you may be talking on a cell phone with a commodity broker making a marketing decision that can dramatically affect your income for the year.

The everyday stress of managing a cattle operation can be exhaustive for even the best of managers. And even just a little time away from the ranch or the feedyard can be beneficial. Maybe it’s a long weekend away with your spouse, or maybe it’s just a one-day trip to a nearby city for an industry meeting. That time away can be restful, but it can also put you in contact with some of the most important people in your lifebeef consumers. Are you prepared for that contact?

If your business is producing beef, people outside of the industry may expect you to be able to answer a variety of questions about beef production. To help you prepare for those important encounters with consumers, this issue of Drovers is devoted to providing you with beef industry talking points, concise answers to questions consumers may ask you about beef.


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