Judging Teams Provide Foundations for Success

Judging Teams Provide Foundations for Success

by: Clifford Mitchell


For prospective members of a livestock judging team, 1900 was a special year. It marked the first collegiate judging contest at the International Livestock Exposition. The quest was on for the honor to retire the Spoor Trophy, which recognizes continued excellence in the field of livestock judging. Iowa State University retired the first Spoor Trophy in 1903, beginning a legacy several universities would follow. More importantly it gave birth to competition that continually turned out leaders in a variety of professions throughout industry.

Molding young people into successful contributors to society is its trademark. An ever-lasting experience that spans across many generations, judging is an opportunity to be part of something true to its own. Scores from workouts often separate the final team from those who, unfortunately, have to stay home. However, unlike the person who did not make the final cut for that junior high basketball team, the rewards last a lifetime.

“Self-confidence is one of the major things judging instills in young people. Having confidence in your own ability is extremely important,” says Dr. Bill Able, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Northeast Oklahoma A & M. Able coached at the collegiate level from 1971 to 1985 winning National Championships at the Kansas State University and the University of Kentucky.


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