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Tennessee Animal Science Newsletter Available

The Tennessee Beef Newsletter for September is available by clicking here.

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Checkoff task force recommends increase, other enhancements

Checkoff task force recommends increase, other enhancements

Drovers Alert

The Industry-Wide Beef Checkoff Task Force has developed four recommendations for strengthening the Beef Checkoff program, providing more stakeholder input and making it more inclusive. Conclusions of the 18-member group were reached following extensive fact finding and discussion, and finalized at a meeting in Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 7.

The recommendations are:

An opportunity to petition for a referendum. The beef referendum process be revised to provide producers the opportunity to petition every five years for a referendum on continuing the Checkoff.


Kansas Beef Newsletter Available

The Kansas State Beef Newsletter “Beef Tips” September edition is now available. Click Here to view the newsletter

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Weber to join Harrison Ethanol project

Weber to join Harrison Ethanol project

Timesreporter.com (OH)

CADIZ – An announcement is expected today that Gary M. Weber, Ph.D., has been named chief operating officer for Harrison Ethanol LLC, effective Sept. 1. The announcement and an update on the facility is scheduled about noon at the Ohio Cattlemen’s Assn. Fall Roundup at Union Local High near Morristown.

“Ohio agriculture and Harrison Ethanol, LLC, will greatly benefit from Dr. Weber’s distinct combination of local and national level agricultural and ethanol experiences,” said Marion Gilliland, chief communications officer for Farmers’ Ethanol LLC, parent company of Harrison Ethanol.

Weber received his undergraduate and master’s degrees in animal science from Purdue University. In 1984, he received his Doctorate of Philosophy from Michigan State University. As a component of his Ph.D. research at MSU, Weber led the development of a farm scale ethanol production system, including the utilization of byproducts in cattle diets.


Some Are Having Cows Over RFID

Some Are Having Cows Over RFID


Tagging cattle’s been the talk of many towns as of late — and keeping track of livestock using RFID appears to have plenty of obvious benefits, like preventing mad cow disease from spreading.


Things to avoid in heifer management

Things to avoid in heifer management

by Bill Beal, beef cattle reproductive physiologist, Virgina Tech

Angus Journal

Selecting, rearing and breeding replacement heifers are critical steps in the success of a commercial or purebred cow-calf operation. Management practices involving the feeding of replacement heifers and the extra-label use of synchronization drugs have been “in the news” lately. Purebred breeders should carefully consider some of the current and proposed practices when deciding how to manage replacement heifers.


Agri-terrorism real threat for state farmers, ranchers

Agri-terrorism real threat for state farmers, ranchers


Tulsa World Staff Writer

Oklahoma’s wheat fields and pastures are 1,400 miles away from New York’s Ground Zero. They might as well be in separate worlds.

But that hasn’t stopped leaders in Oklahoma from preparing for an act of agri-terrorism.

An agri-terrorism working group was created in 2005 after a meeting two years earlier between Oklahoma Agriculture Secretary Terry Peach, the FBI, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and several members of Peach’s agency.

Peach said he asked to meet with authorities in 2003 because he was concerned about the potential for terrorism in the agriculture community.