Beef Negotiations Continue with South Korea

Beef Negotiations Continue with South Korea

By Kim Souza

The Morning News (AR)

South Korean beef inspectors will revisit seven U.S. beef packing plants in an effort to resolve ongoing negotiations designed to resume U.S. beef imports to South Korea, said Ed Loyd, spokesman for the United States Department of Agriculture.

The South Korean market has been closed to U.S. beef more than 30 months.

Loyd said inspection dates have not been announced but they will occur in the near future. Springdale-based Tyson Foods Inc. said it is unaware of pending visits to their nine facilities.

“We have made some steady progress in resolving the issues regarding the beef ban in South Korea. It is our hope the USDA will resolve any outstanding issues at the time of upcoming visits by South Korean auditors,” Loyd said.

The South Korean export market for U.S. cattle producers in 2003 was valued at more than $815 million, the third largest export market, according to Michelle Reinke, spokeswoman for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.


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