BEEF Magazine Debuts

BEEF Magazine Debuts

There exist some 800,000 operations in the U.S. with cattle, USDA says. BEEF magazine services about the largest 10% of them with its printed product. Now, BEEF magazine is rolling out a product for the other 90%.

Called American Cowman (, this entirely electronic venture consists of a Web site and a semi-monthly electronic newsletter. Designed for today’s family-owned cattle outfit with less than 100 head, the project’s purpose is to serve the information and lifestyle needs of ranch operations who are serious about the beef business but whose information needs are perhaps more basic and/or general than the reader of our BEEF printed product.

Beyond the basic operational ranching topics, the product will also deliver news, management tips, and info celebrating the lifestyle that makes the beef business so treasured and unique — the people, the places, the history and the trends.

Visitors to American Cowman can find a wealth of standing information on facilities, nutrition, animal health, pasture & range, and genetics. Augmenting these operational categories will be industry news, new products, and access to breed associations, ranch horses, weather, markets, recipes, continuing education opportunities, stories on interesting people, great books, etc.

Meanwhile, the newsletter will deliver helpful management hints and western human interest to your email box twice each month.

Check out the possibilities at

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