As Drought Worsens, More Farmers Fear Losing Crops

As Drought Worsens, More Farmers Fear Losing Crops

With limited rainfall and hot temperatures staying in the forecast, the severity of the drought across South Dakota is only expected to increase.

Farmers in the “exceptionally dry” parts of South Dakota have all but lost this year’s crop. But Hanson County is in the area classified as “severe” drought. Farmers there say their fields have reached the breaking point. They either need rain now or else they too will be calling this year’s crop a loss.

David Kayser farms several acres in Hanson County. The last time he dealt with a drought this bad was also the first year he started to farm there, in 1976. He says he lost a lot of his crop that year, and without more rain, he’s afraid it’s going to happen all over again.


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