US Could Lose Muslim Beef Markets Over Kill Procedures

US Could Lose Muslim Beef Markets Over Kill Procedures

KANSAS CITY (Dow Jones)–U.S. beef markets in some Muslim countries could be in jeopardy if those countries ever decide to get serious about Halal, or permitted, slaughter procedures because many U.S. plants don’t measure up, some Muslim kill certifiers contend.

“If the U.S. continues to promote U.S. beef in the Middle East and continues to turn a blind eye to the method of the blessing and (continues) doing it incorrectly, the Middle East could stop buying,” said Sam Rayes, co-founder of Tex-Med Beef Co., a Houston firm offering Halal-certified meats in mainstream supermarkets.

According to Rayes’ estimates, more than 50% of U.S. beef exports to Islamic countries are affected by inadequate procedures.


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