Know what force protection conditions mean

Know what force protection conditions mean

by Carrie Williams Defense Commissary Agency
Wright-Patterson AFB Skywrighter

Just in time for summer grilling, and just in time for the health-conscious shopper, the Wright-Patterson commissary is rolling out a new line of U. S. Department of Agriculture choice natural beef products under the American range beef program. The selection includes such items as tenderloin, 90-percent lean ground beef, and T-bone, porterhouse and ribeye steaks.

Military shoppers are demanding more organic and natural products for their families, and the Wright-Patterson Commissary is stepping up to the plate.

“Today’s consumer is more concerned with healthy eating than ever before,” said Patrick Nixon, chief executive officer and acting director of the Defense Commissary Agency. “Natural beef can be a great option for commissary shoppers who don’t want additives and preservatives in the food they serve to their families. This program also ties in with ‘It’s Your Choice, Make it Healthy,’ the agency’s initiative to be the nutritional leader for military families.”


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