CIDR Strategies

CIDR Strategies

Quick tips for AI synchronization using the CIDR progesterone insert

by Kindra Gordon
American Chianina Journal

Since being approved for use in the United States a few years ago, the CIDR progesterone insert has quickly gained popularity among beef producers seeking a simplified synchronization protocol.
“The biggest advantage of progesterone is that it will jump start anestrus cows. The CIDRs are an easy way to administer progesterone if cattle are on grass and not in a MGA feeding situation,” says Tim Olson who is based in South Dakota and has worked as a Select Sires field representative and AI technician for more than a decade.
University of Minnesota beef reproduction specialist Cliff Lamb agrees that the CIDR can offer a good synchronization alternative. He reports that research is continuing on CIDR protocols, but says most results show the protocols work well and on average will realistically yield a 50-53% pregnancy rate.


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