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FFA students take on responsibility

FFA students take on responsibility

The Baxter Bulletin Staff Writer

When the last bell rings, most Mountain Home High School students feverishly head for their cars, but the day isn’t over for Future Farmers of America (FFA) members.

They feed cattle, clean the barn, wash and blow dry cows, brush fur and let the animals out for some exercise.

“It’s a big responsibility,” said Douglas Banasiak, 17. “You’ll see us here on the weekends, all day.”

The students are spending this week getting their cattle ready for the spring show at the Baxter County Fairgrounds. Several FFA members in northwest Arkansas will converge on the fairgrounds Friday and Saturday to show off their best animals.

The Mountain Home group is taking 10 animals to the show.


Dry weather hurts hay farmers

Dry weather hurts hay farmers

The Manatee Herald

EAST MANATEE – It’s a great time for baling hay, but not necessarily for growing it.

So says Phyllis Gilreath, county extension agent for Manatee County, in reference to the winter-spring drought.

As if to underscore the point, the shock waves from heavy trucks rumbling between Bradenton and Arcadia on Wednesday raised dark billows of powdery soil along the shoulders of State Road 70.

About a mile south of the highway, near the DeSoto County line, Al Robinson was in his element.


Cows join cars in ethanol line

Cows join cars in ethanol line

Professor touts fuel byproduct as livestock feed
By Jenni Glenn
The Journal Gazette / FortWayne.com

Attendees listen during the Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference.
Photos by Janelle Sou Roberts/The Journal Gazette
Marvin Abbott, Wayne Stockland and Gordie Jones talk at the DD Ingredient Distributors Inc. booth.

The ethanol plants being built in Wells County and other locations around Indiana will produce more than vehicle fuel.

Manufacturing ethanol also creates a byproduct that can be used to feed livestock. Adding that byproduct – called distillers’ grain – to a dairy cow’s diet can encourage the animal to eat more and produce more milk, a dairy science professor told the audience at the Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference on Wednesday.


Activist Group Conducts Indiana-Ohio Anti-Agriculture Training Sessions

Activist Group Conducts Indiana-Ohio Anti-Agriculture Training Sessions

Animal Agriculture Alliance news release

The Animal Agriculture Alliance (Alliance) has learned that professional activists from New York-based Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE) offered to lend citizens in Indiana and Ohio one of the organization’s five ”UVHounds”, portable monitoring devices that use ultraviolet light to detect things like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in air. The extremist group lends the monitors exclusively to activists who plan to sue agricultural enterprises — not to activists who are just curious — because the devices are expensive (about $30,000 each).


Ohio Beef Newsletter available

Ohio Beef Newsletter available

The April 26, issue # 484, of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter is now posted
to the web at: http://fairfield.osu.edu/ag/beef/beefAprl26.html

I saw orchard grass coming in head over the past weekend! ‘Nuff said . .
if our grazing “plan” isn’t already in full swing, we have a lot of
catching up to do. This week’s letter focuses on pasture management.

Articles this week include:
* Maximize the Use of the Spring Grass Surplus
* Why Do We Make Hay?
* Water: Second Only to Oxygen
* Baled Silage Can Mean High Quality, Timely Harvest
* “Grass Finished Beef” Pasture Walk
* Weekly Roberts Agricultural Commodity Market Report

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Lancaster, OH 43130

e-mail: smith.263@osu.edu
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From plate to pen

From plate to pen

Spring brings an outpouring of culinary memoirs for readers to digest
By Stephanie Shapiro
Baltimore Sun Reporter
Originally published April 26, 2006

Whether they write of the rarified realm of a megawatt restaurant, the cheery domain of a Midwestern kitchen or a childhood hearth left behind, authors have pounced on food’s deep-seated power to summon the past or bring a seminal experience back to life.


Livestock the bright note in South Dakota 2005 farm income

Livestock the bright note in South Dakota 2005 farm income


MITCHELL, S.D. (AP) _ Much stronger livestock prices offset
lackadaisical crop prices and crop production last year, according
to farmers participating in a management program.

Livestock sales in 2005 accounted for nearly 53 percent of farm operating income, while crop sales accounted for nearly 29 percent, said Roger DeRouchey, program instructor with the Mitchell Technical Institute’s Farm/Ranch Business Management program.