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Lack of young beef limits beef exports to Japan

Lack of young beef limits beef exports to Japan

Judy Monchuk, Canadian Press / Vancouver Sun

Published: Sunday, April 16, 2006

CALGARY — A hesitation to buy into a birth registry for cattle has turned into a lost opportunity for producers who previously viewed Japan as a savior for beef exports.

More than three months after Japan lifted a ban on North American beef, Canada is shipping only a fraction of what it did prior to the discovery of mad cow disease in 2003.


Holstein cow showed symptoms of being a "downer" animal

Holstein cow showed symptoms of being a “downer” animal

Canada.com / Vancouver Sun
A six-year-old dairy cow from a Fraser Valley farm has tested positive for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Sunday.
It is the first case of mad-cow disease in B.C. and the fifth case to be discovered in Canada since 2003.

Beef Prices Won’t Rise After Ten Thousand Cattle Die in Amarillo Wildfires

Beef Prices Won’t Rise After Ten Thousand Cattle Die in Amarillo Wildfires

KCBD Channel 11, Lubbock, TX

Wildfires ripping through the Amarillo area are doing more than charring land, at least 10,000 head of cattle have also died in the fires. NewsChannel 11’s Kealey McIntire asked several industry experts what that will do to local beef prices.

Texas is the number one beef producing state in the nation. It’s no doubt the wildfires destroying one million acres of land is tragic, however we learned it would take a much larger disaster to make the prices of beef budge.


Organic gets graded

Organic gets graded

Rapid City Journal
By Mary Garrigan, Journal Staff Writer

When Brenda King buys a carton of organic milk from the grocery store dairy case, she has certain expectations about the cows that produced it.

“I expect these animals to be well treated. It’s a critical factor for me,” said King, a Spearfish resident who has been choosing organic foods almost exclusively for about five years.

King is willing to pay the higher price for organically produced dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese and butter because she thinks they contribute to better health – for her, for animals and for the environment. She thought that by purchasing organic foods she was getting dairy products from cows that spent their days grazing outdoors on green pasture.


Forage options for improving your operation

Forage options for improving your operation
By RUSS MATHISON, Forage Agronomist, University of Minnesota Beef Team, North Central Research and Outreach Center at Grand Rapids, MNFriday, April 14, 2006 11:54 AM CDT
Minnesota Farm Guide
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Many forage producers are thinking about what to plant this spring.Renovation of forage stands is a smart move, as they tend to lose productivity over time. Stand loss from winter injury or disease is easy to see, but research has shown that even older forage stands that appear healthy do not yield as much forage as younger stands.

Canada confirms 5th case of mad cow since May 2003 thanks to national surveillance program

Canada confirms 5th case of mad cow since May 2003 thanks to national surveillance program

Toronto Morning Sun / Associated Press Writer

TORONTO — Canada confirmed a case of mad cow disease on Sunday at a farm in British Columbia — the country’s fifth case since May 2003, when the United States closed its border to Canadian beef.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced Thursday it had a suspected case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE.


Coyotes anger cattle farmers

Coyotes anger cattle farmers

The Daily Record of Dunn / Charlotte Observer

DUNN, N.C. – On a cool crisp night, a coyote’s howl can be heard for miles. For years the wail has been considered the theme song for the wild west – now it may become a common sound around here.

Coyotes, which used to be found only in western states, have now taken up residence in Harnett County. Though the animals are elusive, don’t be surprised to see one sneaking through the yard on a midnight hunt.