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The Cow-Calf Manager: Supplementation Strategies

The Cow-Calf Manager: Supplementation Strategies


Selenium Supplementation Strategies for Cow/Calf Herds

Most beef producers know that selenium is important for beef cattle, but quite often they are unsure as to how much selenium is needed or what form to provide. Selenium (Se) is an essential trace mineral for cattle. It is involved in proper immune function, acts as an antioxidant, and helps activate thyroid hormones. Symptoms of selenium deficiency include muscle damage, increased illness, impaired growth and decreased reproductive efficiency.


Senate debates ‘right to farm bill’

Senate debates ‘right to farm bill’

Myrtle Beach Online
Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Senate will continue debate Thursday on a bill that would prevent county governments from restricting farming operations.

The so-called “right to farm bill” would keep counties from applying its own zoning regulations on farms stricter than those set by the state Department of Health and Environmental Control.


Cattle inventory reaches at least a 12-year high

Cattle inventory reaches at least a 12-year high

The Gothenburg Times
April 06, 2006

Nebraska feedlots with capacities of 1,000 or more head contained 2.45 million cattle on feed on March 1, up 6% from last year and 8% above March 1, 2004.


U.S. ranchers’ group loses bid to block border to Cdn cattle, beef

U.S. ranchers’ group loses bid to block border to Cdn cattle, beef

CFRB Radio, Toronto

EDMONTON (CP) – An American ranchers’ group has lost its bid for a permanent injunction to ban Canadian cattle and beef from coming into their country.
The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association said in a news release that U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull rejected the request by R-CALF in a court in Billings, Mont. The trade protectionist group wanted Cebull to scrap the U.S. Department of Agriculture rule that reopened the border to live cattle under 30 months old and boxed cuts of Canadian beef. The case had been pending before Cebull since last July.


US cattleman blames losses on beef price errors

US cattleman blames losses on beef price errors

Yahoo News / Reuters

ABERDEEN, South Dakota (Reuters) – Roger Koch, a Nebraska cattle producer, testified in federal court on Monday that because of beef price reporting errors in 2001 by the U.S. Agriculture Department he lost $48 a head on cattle he sold at that time.
Koch and two other cattlemen are suing the nation’s four largest beef companies claiming they knew of the errors and used that knowledge to depress the prices they paid for cattle.


Strategic Use Of Antibiotics In Stocker Cattle

Strategic Use Of Antibiotics In Stocker Cattle


Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex (BRDC) or Shipping Fever remains the most important health concern facing stocker producers. Despite numerous advances in our understanding of BRDC, vaccine technology, and new antibiotics in the last 40 years the percent of cattle that get BRDC as well as the number that die from it has remained about the same. There are several factors that play a role in this:

1. A 500 pound calf now is much younger than it was 40 years
2. A 500 pound calf now is less likely to have been weaned now than it was 40 years ago
3. Stocker producers are more likely to buy cattle every week as opposed to a major group buy or two than 40 years ago
4. Stocker producers are larger operations than 40 years ago


In The Cattle Markets: Is Chicken The Problem?

In The Cattle Markets: Is Chicken The Problem?


Cattle prices have declined sharply since peaking in mid-February. Rising supplies of slaughter cattle are partly to blame. For example, the four-week rolling average of federally inspected cattle slaughter ranged from 2.3 to just 0.2% above a year earlier during February. In contrast during the last three weeks of March, federally inspected cattle slaughter was 3.7 to 4.9% larger than the prior year.


Ohio Beef Newsletter Online

Ohio Beef Newsletter Available

The April 5, issue # 481, of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter is now posted
to the web at: http://fairfield.osu.edu/ag/beef/beefAprl5.html

The fed cattle market has felt pressure over the past month or so . . .
has it found the bottom? Brian Roe offers some thoughts on that issue in
this week’s letter.

Articles this week include:
* Manage to Win
* Beef Calves and Colostrum
* Fence Building Workshop Scheduled
* Is the Collapse Over?

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