Making room for more grass

Making room for more grass
By Alan Newport
Today’s Farmer

Weed control had long lasting effects for grazing on this farm

David Schapeler had always done brush control on his Appleton City dairy farm with a mower, but 2 years ago he learned a new trick.

MFA dairy specialist Archie Devore visited him and suggested a good spraying of Schapeler’s pastures would pay dividends. Schapeler can’t recall exactly what Devore said that convinced him, but he decided to try it.

The fescue pasture where his cows are turned out between milkings nearly every day of the year was the biggest issue. It was burdened with a variety of problem plants, including pigweed, ragweed and buck brush … and their numbers were growing. About a fourth of the 55- or 60-acre pasture, a portion on the west side of a creek, was the worst, Schapeler said. Sometimes he couldn’t even see the cows when they were in that area.


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