R-CALF’s new leader wants to expand group

R-CALF’s new leader wants to expand group

BILLINGS, Mont. The new leader of R-CALF United Stockgrowers of America wants to change perceptions of the group.
Chuck Kiker is from mainstream cattle country — Texas. And as R-CALF’s new president, the cattle and rice producer wants to expand the size and appeal of the group, perhaps best known for its fight over cattle and beef trade with Canada.
If successful, Kiker says it could mean an eventual move from R-CALF’s home base in Billings, Montana, to a larger city such as Dallas or Denver.
He says everybody defined R-CALF as a radical group from the North, and now that’s being redefined.
Kiker succeeds Montana rancher Leo McDonnell as president. He says the South is an area of interest for recruitment and R-CALF has hired help to sign up more members there.

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