MFB supports mandatory electronic ID of Michigan cattle

MFB supports mandatory electronic ID of Michigan cattle
By Drovers news source
(Wednesday, January 18, 2006)

In an attempt to better track animal movement, the Michigan Agriculture Commission voted Monday to mandate electronic identification of all Michigan cattle beginning in 2007. Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB) policy supports “swift implementation of a mandatory identification system for Michigan’s livestock industry.”
“Mandatory animal identification, if implemented properly and with continued producer input, will be a valuable tool in the event of a foreign animal disease outbreak,” said Ernie Birchmeier, MFB Livestock and Dairy Specialist. “Animal identification will also greatly enhance our marketing opportunities if source verification and age requirements are demanded by our national and international sales markets.”
Birchmeier said the Commission’s plan to role out the mandate to the cattle industry first makes sense given the state’s current efforts to eradicate bovine tuberculosis and prevent bovine spongiform encephalopathy in Michigan cattle herds.
“We’ll expect to gradually see the inclusion of the entire Michigan livestock industry,” he said.

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