China reveals new outbreak of foot-and-mouth

China reveals new outbreak of foot-and-mouth
The Boston Globe from Reuters
December 30, 2005
SHANGHAI (Reuters) – An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease forced the killing of 91 cattle in northeastern China this week, the official Xinhua News Agency said.
Foot-and-mouth disease causes severe weight loss in cloven-hoofed animals. It does not affect humans and outbreaks are relatively easy to control, but can have serious economic impact on the livestock industry.
Cattle on a farm in Shandong province developed symptoms this month. The culling commenced on December 29 after cattle were found to have contracted the disease, Xinhua cited the agricultural ministry as saying late on Friday.
The provincial government has since quarantined the farm where the outbreak occurred, and ordered inoculations for animals in the area, the agency added.
Beijing has kept outbreaks of the disease hidden in the past.
The country is now struggling also to contain avian influenza, reporting its third human fatality from the H5N1 bird flu strain just this week.
This year alone, China has killed and incinerated thousands of head of cattle to control the outbreak of the Asia type 1 foot-and-mouth disease, officials say.
Outbreaks have been reported on the outskirts of Beijing, neighbouring Hebei province, eastern Jiangsu province, the western region of Xinjiang, and in Shandong. However, officials in the animal feed industry say Beijing has failed to report the full extent of the disease’s spread. (image placeholder)

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