All cows don’t share same needs

All cows don’t share same needs
Proper feeding now means better calves later, expert says
By Mike SurbruggGlobe Farm Editor
1/1/06 COLUMBUS, Kan. – Dennis Elbrader, Kansas State University agriculture extension agent in Cherokee County, said how cattle producers care for cows this winter will affect their calf production in the spring.Cow-calf income is tied to the number and weight of weaned calves.Elbrader advises producers to segregate the cow herd based on body condition and to balance rations to supply needed levels of protein and energy. Each farm or ranch is different and not all cows on the farm need the same diet.Winter cattle feeding is costly and getting the needed ration to beef cows can mean using grass or hay, supplements and possibly minerals, he said.percent of the lost weight 60 to 80 days after calving.


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