Make 100 Healthy Calves Your 2006 Goal

Make 100% Healthy Calves Your 2006 Goal
Dr. Mark Hilton, Purdue University
Beef Cow Calf Weekly

When I was a growing up on our family farm, my father would have been embarrassed if the telephone rang during “working hours” and he was in the house. In his day, you had to be outside doing physical labor to really be “working.” Times have changed. Today, most of us realize time spent researching and planning is as important as physical labor. In fact, the time spent on such tasks should reduce your workload later in the year. With that as a backdrop, let’s examine some items to discuss with your family or crew in regard to having 100% healthy calves in 2006. Some research-based concepts for producing healthy calves can be transferred directly from research herds to your herd.


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