Both beef and pork production rose in Nov.

Both beef and pork production rose in November

by Pete Hisey on 12/29/2005 for

The National Agricultural Statistics Service reports that beef production rose 7 percent in November compared to a year ago, to 2.07 billion pounds, while pork production rose 2 percent, to 1.84 billion pounds. Cattle slaughter rose 5 percent, to 2.67 million head, with cattle being fed to higher weights, up 16 pounds per animal from a year ago to 1,284 pounds. Hog slaughter was also up 2 percent, to 9.13 million head, averaging 272 pounds per animal, up two pounds from 2004.Veal production fell 10 percent from a year ago, to 12.4 million pounds, while slaughter fell 17 percent to 56,300 head. The average weight of each calf rose 29 pounds, to 365 pounds.Lamb and mutton production declined 4 percent from last year to 15.8 million pounds.

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