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Bert L. Moore, PhD., Announced as Executive Secretary/Treasurer of American Shorthorn Association

 Bert L. Moore, PhD., Announced as Executive Secretary/Treasurer of American Shorthorn Association

During the 2008 ASA (American Shorthorn Association) Annual Banquet held in Louisville, KY, November 15, 2008 the ASA Board of Directors was proud to announce Bert L. Moore, PhD. as the new Executive Secretary/Treasurer for the association.

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Election Reflections From The BEEF Quality Summit

Election Reflections From The BEEF Quality Summit

Troy Marshall

Beef Magazine

At last week’s BEEF Quality Summit, Burton Eller and Terry Stokes from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) discussed the impacts of the election on issues relative to the beef industry. It was clear from an NCBA standpoint that the organization is making a very dedicated effort to be involved with the transition team, and ensuring cattlemen have a seat at the table.

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Herefords Bring Premium at Annual Feeder Calf Sale

Herefords Bring Premium at Annual Feeder Calf Sale


            Buyers and sellers gathered for the largest offering yet at the annual Tennessee Hereford Marketing Program feeder calf sale Oct. 27, 2008. Ninety-six consignors sold 1,121 head of age, source and health-verified Hereford and Hereford-influenced calves in the program’s 10th year, earning sellers more than $29,000 in premiums.

     According to a University of Tennessee analysis, the calves sold for $26 per head more than the average feeder calf in Tennessee that week.

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Local Farms Kind to Cattle; Result is Excellent Product

Local Farms Kind to Cattle; Result is Excellent Product

Evan Dawson


At Seven Bridges Farm in Lima, customers appreciate having the chance to see up-close exactly how the cows and the pigs are treated.

“They eat really good food, grown here on this farm,” said customer Doug Volland. “They spend their life on this farm, and the end result is just good beef.”

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Livestock shows will be streamed over Web

Livestock shows will be streamed over Web

Richmond Palladium

Some livestock shows from the North American International Livestock Exposition can be seen live at the NAILE Web site.

Purebred beef cattle shows will be streamed live on the Web through Friday. Sheep shows will also be available on the show’s Web site. Internet users may log onto the Expo’s Web site at http://www.livestock expo.org and click to open the live video streaming of a show in progress. Schedules are also listed on the site.

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Agriculture still important industry

Agriculture still important industry



It may seem like all the farms in Rutherford County are being subdivided and turned into neighborhoods and shopping malls.

While growth has been tremendous in the county over the passed few decades, Rutherford County farmers still hold on to their roots and produce food for the nation.

With local farmer Donald Blankenship’s recent award of Tennessee’s Young Farmer of the Year, The Post presents the Top 10 (11, because it’s a nice round number) Rutherford County and Tennessee farm facts.

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Impact Of Age & Source Verification & Vaccination On Montana Feeder Calf Value

Impact Of Age & Source Verification & Vaccination On Montana Feeder Calf Value


Montana State University animal scientists analyzed data from the Superior Livestock Video Auction to determine if a premium was being paid for source and age verified feeder calves.  They summarized data on 68,665 Montana calves marketed during June and July of 2007.  Average sale weight of all calves was 584 lb, and average sale price was $1.17/lb with an average lot size of 116 calves.  Less than one third (31%) of all calves sold were age and source verified.   As expected the majority of the calves were steers (60%).

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Farm groups welcome Obama

Farm groups welcome Obama

Ted Shelsby

The Baltimore Sun

Farm organizations around the country are lining up to offer their congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama, who will take over the White House in January.

“We have appreciated Sen. Obama’s leadership on issues ranging from strong safety net programs within the farm bill to the promotion of corn-based ethanol as an important source of domestic energy,” Bob Dickey, president of the 32,000-member National Corn Growers Association, said in letter of congratulations to the president.

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Local farms turn environment-friendly to help bottom line

Local farms turn environment-friendly to help bottom line

Bob Bauder,


Ernie Sieber and Dick McElhaney are worlds apart in what they raise on their Beaver County farms, but they have one thing in common: Both know the importance and value of respecting natural resources.

Sieber and his wife, Kelly, started their horse riding and boarding stable, Off the Rail Farm, in Hanover Township about two years ago.

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Op-Ed: Let’s put consumers in the driver’s seat on country-of-origin labeling

Op-Ed: Let’s put consumers in the driver’s seat on country-of-origin labeling

J. Patrick Boyle

American Meat Institute

Tri State Neighbor

Congratulations to state officials and cattle producers in the state of South Dakota. Those folks recently launched a new, voluntary program intended to allow cattlemen to try to differentiate the cattle produced in that state and capture part of a niche market that many producers covet.

The program allows ranchers to enroll in a program that would guarantee consumers that the South Dakota Certified Beef they buy was born in South Dakota, raised in South Dakota using set standards of nutrition and animal handling, and then harvested in South Dakota.

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Will Harris of local White Oak Pastures raises beef naturally and humanely

Will Harris of local White Oak Pastures raises beef naturally and humanely

The Sunday Paper

Hope S. Philbrick

    The cattle raised by Will Harris roam land that’s belonged in the Harris family for five generations. The grass-fed Harris Family Heritage Beef is sold at Whole Foods Market and is on the menu at several Atlanta area restaurants. The Harris farm has come full circle in its production, transitioning to and then away from industrialization. The Sunday Paper talked with Harris to learn more.

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K-State Ag Today – Cattle Injections

K-State Ag Today – Cattle Injections

Jeff Wichman


This is K-State Ag Today – I’m Jeff Wichman. At some point, most beef producers will give injections to their animals. K-State Research and Extension veterinarian Dr. Larry Hollis says following appropriate rules and guidelines will ensure a positive experience for both animal and caretaker.

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Is The Sky Falling Or The Sun Rising?

Is The Sky Falling Or The Sun Rising?

Troy Marshall

Beef Magazine

Some producers who sold their calves this summer or early fall are delivering calves right alongside salebarn calves for as much as a $200 difference! It’s an interesting time – sellers aren’t willing to sell significant numbers at these reduced prices, and buyers haven’t been overly aggressive buyers either.

Retained ownership is on the rise and producers are warehousing calves waiting for the market to rebound. Heifers, which are selling at a steeper discount than in the past, are being kept back to either be put on feed or bred to sell as bred heifers.

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Cooler Temperatures Breed Cattle Disease

Cooler Temperatures Breed Cattle Disease


As autumn ushers in cooler temperatures around the nation, herders must be wary of more than the common cold this season. Producers must be on guard against a possible outbreak of coccidiosis that could have a devastating impact on the beef industry.

Coccidiosis is an intestinal disease that commonly affects cattle and is a serious problem among herders this time of year. Cooling temperatures, confinement and malnutrition increase the incident rates of this costly disease, according to the Cattle

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